There are two types of participants. Those who will attend the Welcome Reception at the Courtyard of Collegium Maius and those who will enjoy it in the Garden of the Archaeological Museum. We admit that the choice won’t be easy so we prepared a simple test to help you find out which type of participant you are (for the transparency sake we should add that validity and reliability analyses are in progress)!


Here it is: 


A) Small crowd of friends OR B) Large crowd of friends?

A) The mystical aura of Copernicus’ instruments OR B) The magnetic proximity to the kings at the Wawel castle?

A) Red bricks from the 15-th century OR B) Red roses?

A) Classical music OR B) Chill electronic jazzy tunes?

A) Precrastinator OR B) Procrastinator?


Majority of A answers: Congratulations, you're a Courtyard enthusiast! You don't like to postpone your actions, so you could be one of the first 300 people to pick up the green ticket at the registration. See you at the beautiful courtyard of the oldest university in Poland at 20:30! A classical music concert will be part of the reception.


Majority of B answers: Congratulations, you're a Garden connoisseur! You're the type of person who appreciates it when nature meets culture. Pick up the purple ticket at the registration and get ready to immerse yourself in the Garden of the Archaeological Museum at 20:30! Our own DJ with a PhD in Psychology will take care of the music and will entertain you with electronic jazz.


Remember your score as we will ask you about your decision during the registration!


Collegium Maius Courtyard (Jagiellońska 15, capacity limited to 300 people)

The Collegium Maius, dating back to the 14th century, is the oldest building of Jagiellonian University. The welcome reception will be held in the courtyard, and we highly recommend visiting the Museum of Jagiellonian University at your leisure at another time. It boasts numerous captivating exhibitions including these that will transport you to the era when Copernicus himself was a student here.





Garden of the Archaeological Museum (Poselska 3)


One of the largest and most beautiful gardens in the very centre of the city. It belongs to the compound known as the complex of St Michael, named after the Church of St Michael and St Joseph that used to stand here. Since 1967, the premises of the former monastery have been home to the Archaeological Museum. The garden of the museum is a meeting place of Kraków’s cultural and academic milieux, and a backdrop for concerts and open-air events, including the Archaeological Picnic. 


Important: Unfortunately, due to the its historical character, the garden is not accessible to people on wheelchairs.







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