Dear Participants, 


Conference is coming really soon and we hope that you’re all getting ready and excited (we definitely are!). We encourage you to explore the entire website but we particularly would like to highlight these eight points aka How NOT to get lost at the General Meeting of EASP in 8 easy steps


  1. Download the conference app. You can find the details of how to download it here. Explore of its various options, including the option to ask the organizers anything. We’ll definitely respond with something!
  2. At the risk of creating a feeling of déjà vu, we encourage you once again to review the presenter's guidelines here. We are so eager to see your slides that we want them delivered at the Slide Center at least 2 hours before your talk. We have an equally strong wish to see your poster, but in that case, it is OK if you bring it 30 minutes before your session to the Exhibition Room, where the poster sessions will take place! If you want to use our logos in your presentation or poster, we provide open access to it here.
  3. To prevent getting lost (literally), take a look at the floor map, check it regularly in the conference app, and familiarize yourself with the locations of all the important venues, which you can find here.
  4. Be prepared for the registration desk by saving the QR code you received from our friendly In return, you'll receive a hologram sticker that will allow you to use buses and trams for free for the time of the conference and a reusable bottle. Stay hydrated and learn from the mistakes of the Wawel dragon, who clearly waited too long before quenching his thirst.
  5. Plan the location you'd like to attend for the welcome reception. Take our test to see whether it's the Courtyard of Collegium Maius or the Garden of the Archaelogical Museum that fits your personality better. Additionally, according to the weather forecast, there is a 50% chance of rain on Saturday evening. Depending on your optimism level and risk preferences, you may consider packing an umbrella (or not).
  6. Take a moment to review the code of conduct here, so you can remind others if you suspect they may not have familiarized themselves with it.
  7. Even if you’re a satisficer rather than a maximizer it will still be difficult to choose what to see in Krakow during your visit (unless you plan to stay here until the next General Meeting of EASP). To make your decision easier take a look at the selection of things to see in Krakow, museums that you wouldn't like to miss, and other exciting events happening during the same time as the General Meeting.
  8. Finally, since there's no such thing as having too much information, make sure to check out the summary document we've prepared for you, which contains even more details. Additionally, we encourage you to regularly visit the conference app.



We look forward to your participation in the General Meeting and hope that it will be a memorable experience for all!


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