Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and how we use it?
Privacy Policy Clause
Business Service GALOP respect the right to protect personal information about its customers and visitors to this site. Described here for the Privacy clause defines who we are, what kind of data we collect and store, and how we can use them. The clause also contains information about how to contact us in case you have questions or concerns about information of a personal nature provided to us.
Who we are?
This website is maintained by the Business Service Galop - a professional organizer of conferences and congresses. We offer more than just organizing conferences, conventions, congresses and meetings, and educational integration. We are with you at every stage of preparation and implementation. With equal diligence, commitment and approach to all tasks set before us. Finally, no project is too big or too small for us. We organize and manage events throughout whole Poland.
What information do we collect and how we use it?
Personal information we collect, come only from you. The information collected typically includes your name, address, invoice and other data that can be expressed in the questionnaires, filling of which we asked you during registration. We may also collect detailed information about your preferences when you visit the page. Your personal information will be used to provide you the highest quality of service before and during organized by us conferences and congresses. Please note that you can always resign from the service we offer (see Contact Us).
Contact us
If you want to supplement your personal information that we currently hold, or if you do not agree to continue to store the submitted data, please contact us by sending an email to We will make every effort to meet this request.
External sites
Sometimes our website may contain links to other sites that are not managed by the Business Service Galop. We always try to ensure that websites recommended by us maintain equally high standards of data protection, although we can not accept responsibility for any information you choose to disclose on the websites, which are not managed by the Business Service Galop.
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Data security
Business Service Galop - professional organizer of conferences and congresses take reasonable precautions to prevent loss, unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure of any personal data entrusted to us. Implemented Privacy Policy, and trained employees additionally improve the safety of your data.
Access to personal data
Under the current law on personal data protection you are entitled to know what information organizationc holds about and how they are processed. If you want to check the contents of your personal data which we hold, please e-mail to
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