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1.1. “Organiser” - European Association of Social Psychology, 1091 MZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tilanusstraat 322A, VAT ID: NL819347930B01
1.2. “Regulations” - Terms and conditions of online registration fee sales for the Conference.
1.3. “System” - a registration system through a website administered by Business Service ”Galop” Krystyna Gołąbek with its registered office in Katowice 40-164 at 7/XIV Ordona Street, biuro@kongresy.com.pl, +48 32 253 00 69, VAT ID: PL6340130006, supporting the process of event organisation, registration of participants, registration fee sales and automatic invoicing.
1.4. “Buyer” - any person using the System, both a natural person (consumer), an economic operator and other organisational unit making the purchase.
1.5. “Event” – EASP 2023 General Meeting, to be held on 30th June – 4th July 2023 in Krakow.
1.6. “Registration fee” - a document in electronic form purchased with the use of the System confirming the right to participate in the Event.
1.7. “Payment Page” - the website, www.easpkrakow2023.pl


2.1. These Regulations define the rules of registration fee sales using the Internet Sales System.
2.2. The prerequisite for using the System is to read the Regulations and accept their terms and conditions. Acceptance of the Regulations simultaneously constitutes a declaration of will and creates legal obligation between the Buyer and the Organiser.
2.3. The Buyer shall be obliged to use the System in accordance with the Regulations and the applicable laws.
2.4. Technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the System:

2.4.1. a computer or other mobile device with an Internet browser and Internet access;
2.4.2. an e-mail box;
2.4.3. a bank account with Internet access.



3.1. Placing an order is done by performing the following actions in the following subpages of the System:

3.1.1. correct completion of the mandatory fields of the Form
3.1.2. legible indication of the specific registration fee type;
3.1.3. verification of the Accuracy of the data entered and order details;
3.1.4. submitting a statement of acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Regulations;
3.1.5. placing an order by clicking on the “PAY” option;
3.1.6. moving to the Payment page.

3.2. A Buyer who has placed an order will receive a notification concerning the creation of the order to the indicated e-mail address.



4.1. The Buyer is obliged to pay for the order within 24 hours of its creation. Failure to pay for the order on time will result in its automatic deletion. In case of removing the order, a notification of the order cancellation will be sent automatically to the Buyer, to the e-mail address indicated by it.
4.2. The Buyer shall pay for the created order through the Payment page.
4.3. The payment resulting from one order should be made once.
4.4. The Organiser shall not be liable for any consequences related to irregularities in the functioning of the bank, indicated by the Buyer during the payment process.
4.5. The System issues invoices at the Buyer's request, after the Buyer makes such a request by checking the option “I want to receive a VAT invoice” while placing the order and providing full and accurate data necessary to issue it. Invoices are issued after payment.
4.6. By checking the option “I want to receive a VAT invoice”, the Buyer accepts sending the invoice in electronic form - to the e-mail address indicated.
4.7. The Organiser shall not be liable for any the consequences of false or incorrect data necessary to issue a VAT invoice provided by the Buyer.
4.8. The order is processed after receiving a confirmation of payment from the DotPay.system.
4.9. Acceptance of the payment and processing of the order will be confirmed by an e-mail message automatically generated by the System.
4.10. The Organiser shall not be liable for the consequences of providing data related to the order to third parties by the Buyer.
4.11. The Organiser shall not be liable for the deletion or failure of the Buyer to acknowledge notifications received by the Buyer.


5. Registration fee

5.1. Registration fee prices are determined by the Organiser's price list. The Organiser shall publish registration fee prices on its website.
5.2. Registration fee prices are provided in EUR and include VAT.
5.3. The System enables the purchase of selected registration fee from the Organiser's price list.
5.4. The Registration fee is processed by presenting it to the Organiser's employee at the entrance to the Event venue.


6.1. The controller of personal data provided by the Buyer is the Organiser.
6.2. The Buyer has the right to access the content of the data and to correct, delete or limit the processing, the right to object, demand the cessation of processing and transfer of the data as well as the right to withdraw the consent at any time and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority - the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
6.3. The provision of the data is voluntary, however, it is required for execution of the order. In the case of failure to provide the data, its execution will not be possible.
6.4. The data made available by the Buyer will not be made available to third parties. Only institutions authorised by law will be the recipients of the data. The data provided by you will not be subject to profiling.
6.5. Personal data will be stored for the period necessary to process the application or resulting from legal regulations, counting from the date on which the consent to personal data processing has been given.
6.6. The Organiser shall not be liable for the consequences of providing false or incorrect data in the order form.



7.1. Any questions, comments or complaints concerning the purchase and execution of Registration fee should be sent by e-mail to the following address: biuro@kongresy.com.pl
7.2. Complaints may be filed no later than 14 days from the occurrence of the event triggering the complaint. In the complaint, the Buyer shall provide:

7.2.1. the number of the order to which the complaint relates;
7.2.2. the reason for the complaint, including the description of the situation to which the complaint relates;
7.2.3. name and surname;
7.2.4. e-mail address;
7.2.5. telephone number.

7.3. Complaints will be handled once by the Organiser within 14 days from the date of their receipt, except when the reason for the complaint lies with the PayU payment operator. In such a case, the complaint will be transferred to the PayU payment operator and handled by it (the deadline for handling the complaint may be extended in such a case). The Buyer will be informed of the decision by a return e-mail.
7.4. The Organiser shall not be liable for incorrectly reported complaints, in particular for incorrect or untrue data provided by the Buyer.



8.1. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase of the registration fee and return it.

8.2. The cancellation should be submitted in writing to the e-mail address: biuro@kongresy.com.pl

8.3. In case of resignation from participation the Participant is entitled to the following refund:

  • If the Organiser receives a statement of resignation by 30 April 2023, the participant has the right to retain 100% of the total fee.
  • if the Organiser receives a statement of resignation after 30 April 2023 the Organiser has the right to retain the whole payment received.

*The fee can be transferred to another Participant. The cancelling Participant is obliged to inform the Organizing Office via e-mail and provide the Office with personal data of the indicated Participant


8.4. The Event Organiser reserves the right to change the speakers and introduce changes in the agenda for reasons beyond its control. The participant is not entitled to refund of the fee in such a case

8.5. In the case of refund of the whole registration fee or a part thereof by the Organiser, the Organiser shall have 60 days to perform the return, counting from the date of delivery of the signed corrective invoice by the Participant to the Organiser's correspondence address.



In the event that the Conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the Conference Organisers (FORCE MAJEURE), the Congress Organisers cannot be held liable by attendees for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, financial losses, etc.
Under these circumstances, the Congress Organisers reserve the right to retain the entire registration fee. The registration fee will not be reimbursed.




9.1. The Organiser is not responsible for interruptions of data transmission during the purchase, interruptions and errors in the operation of the System, resulting from any reasons beyond the control of the Organiser.
9.2. The Organiser shall not be liable for any messages or data lost or lost on the Internet due to reasons beyond the Organiser's control.
9.3. The Organiser reserves the right to decide at its own discretion on the moment of commencing and closing the online sale of Registation Fee.



Katowice, 6 September 2023

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