Seven preconferences will take place at the Institute of Psychology (address: Ingardena 6) and three at the Didactic Centre of the Faculty of Law and Administration (address: Krupnicza 33a). 

Institute of Psychology (address: Ingardena 6)

The role of emotions in societal problems (room 6.01)
Navigating social change: Understanding psychological self-regulation in changing environments (room 2.02)
The Social Psychology of the Future: How can social psychology contribute to the development of a fairer and more sustainable world? (room 2.04)
State of trust in social and political psychology: What we know, what we don’t, and where we should be looking (room 0.03)
LGBTQI+ Studies (room 0.01)
Sexualization, objectification, and dehumanisation (room 1.04)
Mapping attitudes as networks: a guided workshop applying the bipartite network approach to opinion-based groups and group-based opinions [Workshop] (room 0.04)

Law and Administration Building (Didactic Center, address: Krupnicza 33a)

Belief in conspiracy theories: New insights and current challenges (room 12)
International Society for Self & Identity preconference (room 109)
Gender (room 209)

You can find the details of the preconferences here 

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