Eating out

You can find a list of restaurants that we compiled for you here: 





Read more about the culinary side of Krakow here:

Heritage on the plate  

Food at the conference

The lunch zone will be located on Floor -1 (Auditorium Maximum). The coffee breaks will be located throughout the buildings. You will be able to fill the water bottles you receive at the green point (level -1) from the dispensers located throughout the facility. The tap water is safe to drink, but it might be too warm to enjoy it.


Lunch on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be served between 13:10 and 14:30. Lunch will be vegan. We kindly ask you not to bring food and hot drinks into the lecture halls, the only exceptions are lunchtime sessions in the designated rooms. If you have an allergy or a special dietary requirement or restriction, it is also possible to bring your own food and drinks into the venue.


There is a food outlet on-site where additional food and drink can be purchased:


Coffeebook, Krupnicza 33a (Law and Administration Building; Floor 1)


Opening hours:

Saturday           8:00-18:00

Sunday             8:00-16:00

Monday            8:00-19:00

Tuesday            8:00-19:00


If you want to take your lunch outside and enjoy it in one of the nearby parks we particularly recommend checking:

  • Planty (5-7 min from the conference venue) is the oldest park in Kraków. Planty Park is not only a green belt encircling the heart of the Old Town, but also a space where nature coexists with culture. Strolling today through Planty Park in Kraków, you can encounter history and art, the social and popular history of the city, and the art of landscaping. You can find a detailed description of what you can see at Planty here
  • Park im. Henryka Jordana (5 min from the conference venue) was created on the site of the 1887 National Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition. After the exhibition, Dr Henryk Jordan, a medical doctor and social worker submitted a plan to the City Council to adapt this area into a park for children and young people. If you want to take a picture with Maria Curie-Sklodowska or see our own Institute of Psychology located just nearby - visit this park.
  • Błonia (5-7 min from the conference venue). Although Kraków is the second largest urban center in Poland, there is a meadow just a 15-minute walk from the main square. Moreover, this is not just any meadow, but one with an area of 48 hectares. The development of the grassland here takes place naturally, without any particular human intervention. A great place for a run or a walk, too as the meadow is surrounded by an asphalted lane.


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