During the conference, we will be hosting several special lunchtime sessions that provide an opportunity for more informal connections and heartfelt tributes. 

Lunchtime Event 1: In Memoriam of Berni Leidner (13:10 - 14:30, July 1st, Conference Room, Auditorium Maximum)

One such session will be devoted to the memory of Berni Leidner. We invite friends and colleagues to come together, reminisce, and share personal anecdotes about Berni. It's an occasion to once again revisit Berni’s brilliance, through his work and many achievements, but also deepen a personal understanding of the man behind the work. We invite you to join us in this warm tribute to Berni Leidner. 


Lunchtime Event 2: Social psychology in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (13:10 - 14:30, July 1st, Seminar Room, Auditorium Maximum)

How can the challenges and changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic be turned into opportunities to advance social psychology? That is a question we will be unpacking during this lunchtime session. Together, we will delve into the implications of the opportunities and challenges that the pandemic has unveiled for our discipline, discuss strategies to maintain the momentum of recent advancements, and brainstorm how we can apply these findings to future crises and human challenges. Join us for this timely discussion as we explore the next steps for social psychology in a post-COVID-19 world. 


Naomi Ellemers, Utrecht University  

Angel Gomes, Educación a Distancia, UNED 

Barbara Lasticova, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Kate Reynolds, ANU 

Stephen Reicher, University of St Andrew’s 

Vincent Yzerbyt, University of Louvain 


Lunchtime Event 3: In Memoriam of Willem Doise (13:10 - 14:30, July 2nd, Seminar Room, Auditorium Maximum)

This session will be dedicated to honoring the legacy of Willem Doise in which we will celebrate the life and work of a man who was not only a leading figure in social psychology, but also instrumental in shifting the focus of EASP eastwards during the 1980s. Over lunch, we will reminisce about Willem, explore the profound impact of his work, and consider the future directions inspired by his pioneering efforts. This session serves as a testament to Willem's enduring influence on our discipline and his vision for its evolution. Join us in this touching tribute to Willem Doise, as we remember his contributions and look towards the future he helped shape.  

Organizers: Fabrizio Butera, Monica Rubini and others. 


Lunchtime Event 4: Russia's War Against Ukraine and its Impact on Europe: Understanding and Acting (13:20 - 14:20, July 2nd, Conference Room, Auditorium Maximum) 

In this session, we will foster an exchange on some of the following questions:  Which social psychological theories are relevant and applicable to this war? How can our discipline, in concert with other disciplines, help reduce trauma, mitigate negative consequences on communities, increase resilience, and communicate the causes and stakes of this conflict to the public? How do we understand and map the psychological effects of the war in Ukraine on its people, the rest of Europe, and the world? What do we need to study about the war in Ukraine and its consequences that we are not doing yet? The program of the session can be found here


Continuing conversations and networking in the evening. We will reserve a restaurant for 20 persons at 20:00 on July 2nd and cover the meal for our Ukrainian colleagues. Please register for one or both events so we get an idea how many plan on attending but the session itself will be open to everyone that fits into the room. The session is open to everyone at the conference with an interest in these topics, and we especially invite our Ukrainian colleagues to join.



Beate Seibt, University of Oslo

Thomas Schubert, University of Oslo

Michał Bilewicz, University of Warsaw

Jana Papcunová, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Anca Minescu, University of Limerick

Hanna Hromova, Institute for Social and Political Psychology at the NAES of Ukraine

Iryna Hubeladze, Institute for Social and Political Psychology at the NAES of Ukraine

Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, University of Gdańsk


Lunchtime Event 5: Meet the Editor (13:10 - 14:30, July 3rd, Seminar Room, Auditorium Maximum)

Many feel that the editorial process is somewhat a mystery. Here we have designed the session in a way to unveil the process and open up a conversation between editors and authors. This interactive gathering provides a unique opportunity for editors to share their insights into the editorial process and discuss what they look for in paper submissions. It's a chance to gain valuable advice and a behind-the-scenes understanding of what makes a successful submission from those who know it best. At the same time, both aspiring and experienced authors will have the opportunity to pose the questions they've always wanted to ask but perhaps hesitated. Whether it's about the submission process, common pitfalls, or how to make your work stand out, our editors are ready to answer. 


Moderation: Roland Imhoff  


Ayse Uskul - European Review of Social Psychology  

Christian Unkelbach - Social Psychological and Personality Science  

Masi Noor - European Journal of Social Psychology - current team  

Kim Peters - European Journal of Social Psychology - incoming team  

Kai Jonas – Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology  

Igor Grossmann - Psychological Inquiry  

Katarzyna Cantarero - Social Psychological Bulletin 


Lunchtime Event 6: Increasing diversity (13:20 - 14:30, July 4th, Seminar Room, Auditorium Maximum)

This lunchtime session is dedicated to the crucial topic of diversity and inclusion within our field. This session will commence with the presentation of key findings from EASP's recent survey on diversity. Building on these insights, our panel will open up a thoughtful discussion on the state of diversity and inclusion in social psychology. They will address pertinent questions, such as the potential barriers to diversity and strategies to dismantle them. We would like to invite you to join us in this session as we collectively explore ways to foster greater diversity and inclusivity within our discipline. 

Moderator: Nurit Shnabel, EASP Diversity Officer 

Panel members:  

Ayse Uskul, University of Sussex, a leading social and cultural psychologist and advocate for the internationalization of psychological science   

Marija Brankovic, University of Belgrade, EASP social ambassador   

Jana Papcunova, Slovak Academy of Sciences, EASP social ambassador  

Caterina Suitner, University of Padua, EJSP outgoing   

Thomas Morton, University of Copenhagen, EJSP outgoing chief editor  

Masi Noor, Keele University, EJSP outgoing chief editor  

Tabea Hassler, University of Zurich, an advocate of the promotion of minority scholars (e.g. LGBTIQ+ scholars) and the internationalization of psychological science


Lunchtime Event 7: In memoriam of Hilik Klar (13:10 - 14:30, July 4th, Conference Room, Auditorium Maximum)

We have organized a tribute in honor of Hilik Klar. Friends and colleagues will have the opportunity to reminisce and share memories of their time with Hilik. This gathering serves as a platform to reflect on Hilik's contributions to the field of social psychology and to celebrate their enduring impact. Join us as we remember and honor Hilik Klar over a shared meal. 


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