Registration will open on Friday, June 30th, at 4:00 PM and remain open until 7:00 PM on the same day. We encourage presenters who are scheduled for Saturday morning, July 1st, to register during this time and use the Slide Center to upload their slides. Registration will also be open throughout the entire day of the conference.


You should have received a QR code which will be used to print the badge. Please have the code ready before you go to the registration desk. You should wear your badge throughout the conference.


Registration & Information Desk will be located on the Ground floor (Floor 0) and will be signed REGISTRATION. They will be open at these times:

Friday        16:00-19:00
Saturday    7.30-20.15                

Sunday      8.00-19.30

Monday     8.00-19.30

Tuesday     8.00-19.30


Slide Center will be located on the Ground floor (Floor 0). The Slide Center will be open at these times:

Friday        16.00-19.00

Saturday    7.30-20.00                 

Sunday      8.00-19.30

Monday     8.00-19.30

Tuesday     8.00-19.30



During the registration process, you will also receive a ticket to one of the welcome reception locations and the farewell dinner (if you have registered and paid for the dinner).


At the registration, you will receive a complimentary hologram ticket for buses and trams. This ticket will be valid for the entire duration of the conference, allowing you convenient and hassle-free transportation.


Additionally, you will be directed to a designated stand where you can collect a reusable water bottle. We encourage you to use this bottle throughout the conference, promoting sustainability and ensuring you stay hydrated.


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